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cardboard fun February 21, 2009

Filed under: finished projects — Emily @ 1:37 pm

I’ve had some fun with cardboard recently, mostly because I work in frame shop and we throw a bunch of it away. Instead, I’ve been bringing it home and making things…

#1- The Stag

head on stag stag

I saw the pattern for the stag today and because I had *nothing else* to do today, decided I’d test out my exacto knife skills and rescue some cardboard from the recycling bin. I’d seen a similar, pre-cut product like this before and had them on my Christmas list, but it was more fun to cut it out with Echo holding the cardboard down for me. This guy now lives in the corner of our dining room above the wine tree.

#2- Echo’s Throne

gato2 gato3 gato1

Echo is a carboard connosieur, and immediately knew that this was for her (actually, she firmly believes that all cardboard is for her, she’s spent the last month staring at the inside of a nice carboard box that held our new sheets).  It looks like a slice of a tree trunk and smells of catnip. It is Echo’s new throne to rule from. This was a good way to use all my little scraps from the frame shop and these scratching posts are much cheaper to make than buy! Here are the very easy instructions.


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